The first years of a child's life are ones of enormous growth - in fact, they represent the greatest period of growth in a human's entire lifespan! The preschool experience supports and enhances this natural development in children, building on your child's existing skills while furthering their needs for the future.

Balcombe preschool offers an extremely high-quality program which prepares children exceptionally well for formal education. 

Our preschool program is based on the early childhood curriculum as well as our teacher's knowledge and understanding of childhood development and learning styles.  The program is also influenced by the interests and desires of the individual children.

Connections with our local community

Visits are organised each year to help the children feel connected to their local community.

Living beside the sea, we feel it is imperative that children not only learn about being safe around water, but also to gain an understanding about the marine environment and how to preserve its natural beauty.

Term One’s visitors therefore usually include: Victorian Marine Rescue, Kings Swim Centre Water Safety Presentation, and “Seaweed Sally” from Southern Ocean Education.

Every year Mt Martha CFA invites us to take part in their "Fire Safe Kids" Program. The children also learn about other workers in the community who help us such as the local postie, and the local librarian who visits during “Book Week”. 

marine rescue
seaweed sally

Through liaising with Berg (Balcombe Estuary Rehabilitation Group), the children are encouraged to appreciate and be respectful of their environment.

Although we are not affiliated with them, the close proximity of Balcombe Grammar provides an excellent opportunity to plan experiences with the preschool children and students working together for wonderful mutual benefits.

We also mentor students from a range of higher education institutions (including; - Universities and TAFE’s) as well as schools in our local community.

fire truck
balcombe school

Connections with our Families

By seeking regular and ongoing involvement from our children and families, we are able to make sure that their ideas and interests are reflected and built upon in our program (for example, through the experiences we provide, the use of portfolios/questionnaires/mind maps and the way in which our environment is set up (i.e. creating a Balcombe Preschool “Family Tree”). 

Families also have the opportunity to become involved in our wonderful preschool community through:

  • Volunteering to become a committee member
  • Helping out on our parent roster
  • Weekly communications from the teacher’s reflecting on the week and sharing “What’s next?
  • Families are invited to contribute to the program
  • Working bees
  • Special invitations for Mother’s Day & Dad’s/VIP Night


Starting school is big step for you and your child. It can be both challenging and exciting! The Balcombe Preschool teacher’s belong to the Early Years Network and meet regularly with the local prep teachers to share and learn through critical reflection. By working together, teachers and families can ensure a smooth transition and the best start to Primary School for your child.