Our Philosophy

Our Educational Philosophy and Practice
is based upon a number of values:

  • We recognise the unique nature of each child and family and the need for children to develop an understanding and respect for self, others and the environment.
  • We recognise the critical importance of children, parents and educators as partners in a learning community that promotes the wellbeing, education and development of all children. We facilitate this by encouraging families to contribute to our curriculum and to share information about their child. 
  • Our curriculum is based upon the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. It acknowledges that children pass through sequential stages of development at different rates. Our curriculum reflects this by catering for each child's specific needs, strengths and interests. 
  • We believe in the importance of play. Children learn best by doing, therefore play is the 'work' of early childhood. Play provides the foundation of knowledge as the children acquire new skills, greater understandings and a lifelong love of learning. 
  • We promote children’s interactions with the natural world and encourage them to respect and take an active role in caring for their environment. We support the development of positive attitudes and values in line with sustainable practices. 
  • Our learning environment reflects the individuality of each child. We provide opportunities for all children to work at their own pace, whilst encouraging them to make choices and direct their own learning.
  • As educators we are committed to ongoing learning, professional development and reflective practice so that we can provide an environment that is respectful and responsive to children, families and professionals. 
  • We believe that children are naturally curious to learn about the world in which they live. Therefore we aim to provide learning opportunities which are engaging, opportunistic and facilitating of the needs, interests and abilities of all involved. We recognise that all children have the potential to be capable, confident, enthusiastic, observant and resilient individuals. 

Balcombe Preschool – providing a nurturing environment for children to seek, learn and develop through play.


Our Quality Assessment Rating

We are proud to announce that Balcombe Preschool has received the rating of Exceeding National Quality Standard across all assessment areas.